About Us

GeoRecover, Addressing the Ecological Footprint:
For us, addressing the resources and impact on the environment is done on several fronts. We identify corporate programs that help organizations significantly reduce their impact on the environment. We also promote and support many tree and habitat planting projects that help offset the ecological footprint. We also promote the re-direction of forest products harvests from national forests and old growth habitats to sustainable commercial areas.

GeoRecover also recovers native habitats by planting trees and other native plants. The organization works with various local, county, state, and federal parks as well as open space trusts and private land owners to recover previously lost habitats and deforested areas.

How you help
Our main source of project funds come directly through individual donations. Our Tree Dedication program is a very specific program, where a specific and identifiable tree is planted as a dedication, tribute, memorial, or celebration of some event. While the donation helps cover the cost of planting a specific tree, the gift also enables us to fund education programs, develop and promote ecological friendly programs, and to support other - more general plantings.

The Dedication Trees we plant. provide you and your honorees a living and growing gift that will last well into future generations. This gift includes details on the area of planting and the GPS (Global Positioning Satelite) coordinates so you can visit the exact location of the tree gifted. This allows you to visit the location for years into the future. In fact, your children's children should be able to visit this unique - individual planting and see the gift you gave here today. Some species of trees we plant will last hundreds of years, some even thousands (hopefully). When you give a tribute, memorial, dedication, or recognition you are giving something that, each day, is helping to create cleaner air, establish a better environment for all, and creating critical habitat for other forms of life.

What drives us
We have a choice. We can talk about the loss of our environment, we can ignore it, we can observe it and do nothing, or we can do something about it. What drives us is we have crossed the line and are doing something about recovering lost lands with native indigenous plantings and restoring habitat that would otherwise be lost. Visit our Planting at Huddart Park, 35 miles south of San Francisco in San Mateo County.

GeoRecover people are concerned about the environment and are dedicated to constructive steps to recover areas that nature, for one reason or another, has lost. Our staff care about actively recovering this land by establishing native trees, shrubs, and plants that existed before the industrialization of the 1800s and 1900s. Our people come from various parts of the world, walks of life, political persuasions, and religious backgrounds. But we all are dedicated to this cause.

We hope to continue to add to the areas of restoration and to recover habitat. Your purchase of these living gifts along with the generous donations from individuals, trusts, and organizations allow us to continue to expand our work and to accelerate the achievement of our goals.